Website Design Made Simple: Crafting Stunning, High-Impact Websites to Elevate Your Online Presence

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Website Design

Effortless Online Launch with Our Basic Website Package

Launch your business online effortlessly with our Basic Website Package. Utilizing WordPress and Divi, we create professional, SEO-optimized sites.

Comprehensive Services to Boost Your Brand

Get essential pages, social media integration, and more. Everything is tailored to showcase your brand,
all without the tech hassle.

Website Design

Elevate your business with a stunning, user-friendly website designed to captivate your audience and strengthen your online presence. Our Basic Package offers a seamless WordPress setup with the versatile Divi theme, tailored to reflect your unique brand with a custom color scheme and font. From a welcoming Home page to an informative About Us section, our package includes up to 5 essential pages, ensuring a comprehensive digital footprint. With no technical expertise required on your part, we handle everything from basic SEO to ensure you’re found online, to integrating your social media for a connected digital experience. Plus, with pre-designed Divi layouts, we promise a swift and stylish launch. Let’s make your website the perfect online representation of your business, without the tech hassle.


Elevate your brand with our Basic Branding Services, where we expertly guide you in selecting the perfect color palette and crafting a brand feel that resonates with your business’s essence. Our personalized approach ensures your branding stands out, creating a memorable and cohesive identity that connects with your audience.

Content Strategy

Empower your website with a content strategy that resonates with your brand’s voice and vision. Our service invites you to take the lead in crafting compelling narratives for your site, ensuring each word reflects the essence of your business. Together, we’ll develop a cohesive content plan that not only engages your audience but also amplifies your online presence, turning your insights and expertise into a powerful digital story.

Built With Your Vision

Transform your vision into reality with our custom website design service, where we build from scratch using the flexible Divi platform. Tailored to your unique brand identity, we meticulously craft each element, ensuring your site resonates with your personal touch. Dive into a collaborative design process, where your ideas lead the way to a bespoke online presence, distinctly yours and captivating to your audience.

Choose a Premade Template

Fast-track your website’s launch with our Pre-made Divi Layout service, designed for efficiency and elegance. Choose from a variety of professionally crafted templates that align with your brand’s aesthetic, ensuring a seamless and swift transition to a polished online presence. Perfect for businesses aiming for a quick setup without compromising on quality, our service empowers you to make your digital debut with a stunning website that’s ready to impress.

Maintenance & Updates

Keep your website running smoothly and up-to-date with our Basic Update and Maintenance Services. We provide the essential care your site needs, from regular updates to ensure optimal performance, to routine maintenance that keeps your digital presence secure and efficient. Entrust us with the technicalities, so you can focus on what you do best – growing your business and engaging with your audience.

Empowering Your Digital Story

Unleashing the Power of Your Brand with Custom-Crafted Websites Designed to Engage, Impress, and Drive Success.

Simplify Your Success with Basic Website Design Services

Dive into the digital landscape with our Basic Website Design Services. Here, simplicity and functionality converge to create your perfect online presence. We promise a straightforward path to a professional website, harnessing the power of WordPress and Divi. Consequently, you get a platform that’s both easy to manage and visually appealing.

Our service is designed to provide you with a solid digital foundation, featuring essential SEO setups and intuitive social media integration. Thus, it empowers you to connect with your audience effortlessly. Step into the world of online opportunities. In this realm, your brand’s story is told with clarity and style, ensuring that the complexities of technology never overshadow your vision.

About Me

Hello! I’m Michelle.

I am passionate about crafting websites that truly amplify online presence. I’ve dedicated my skills to creating digital platforms that represent your brand and values. As a website developer, I understand the needs of consultants, small businesses, individuals, and local politicians. They all desire simplicity blended with creativity. They need a website that narrates their unique story and showcases their value. My mission is to deliver exactly that. I aim to create simple, yet uniquely creative websites. These sites will accurately portray the essence and value of your services. I ensure your digital footprint is as impactful and distinctive as your real-world presence.

  • Web DESIGN

Choosing Junu Webworks for our website design was the best decision we could have made. From the get-go, their team understood our vision and translated it into a website that not only looks fantastic but also performs brilliantly. Their attention to detail and commitment to our brand’s identity was evident in every page. We’ve received so many compliments from our customers, and it’s all thanks to Michelle’s expertise. Highly recommend them to anyone looking to elevate their online presence!

Joe Cali